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Please help me make sense of this VM cabling

Tuning in

I cannot make sense of the VM cabling in my property.

I will be renting out the property and Virgin Media will not do anything to the cabling/wall box unless there is an active account (which I can't get as I will be renting out the property so can't take out a contract).

Therefore, I need to somehow get the cabling and wall box sorted before I rent it. What isn't clear to me is:

  • The cable coming in through the wall appears to be too short to reach into the NTL wall box.
  • The extended long cable currently attached seems excessively long, and wouldn't allow for an isolator in the NTL box.
  • There then appear to be two separate isolators, why?
  • The main isolator doesn't have any screw fitting, so I don't understand how it could be secured in the NTL wall box?

Photos attached.

Thank you for any advice.




Alessandro Volta

The isolator goes where the cable comes in

The long cable then can go to the hub or to the splitter for hub and TV

You can have the long cable to the isolator which looks to be how it was done


Community elder

Remove the white cable from the black cable coming out of the wall, including the joiner:

Split the ntl wall box into two, the wall plate, below, attaches to the wall, and the isolator, also pictured below, fits into the wall plate:

Connect the black cable out of the wall to the top of the isolator.

Keep the rest of the cables for if/when a VM install is needed.

Tuning in

Thanks for the replies and help.

I've now decided to live at the property and not to rent it out. I have ordered a new Virgin Media package with installation and I will ask the engineer to update the cabling when they do the install.