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Permission needed from Landlord

Joining in

I have arranged for Virgin TV and broadband to be installed in my home on the 7th of August.

I have since found out from Virgin media that I need permission from my landlord for that work to be carried out.

I asked my housing officer,who represents my landlord for permission for that work to be carried out and he wrote the following to me in an email:

Can I ask is this in regards to Wayleave agreement as the provider would normally email us with this requesting permission.

Can you please clarify.

Is the permission required for that work to be carried out in regards to Wayleave agreement?

If it is will Virgin media please email my landlord with that requesting permission.

Please can someone from Virgin media respond to this post.

It is imperative that someone from Virgin media sends me a private message and clarifies their position with regards to what I have asked above and obtains my landlords details from me.

If that is not done soon (before the 7th of August) then I will have no alternative but to cancel my contract.