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Pc internet connection issues

Joining in

Hi, trying to troubleshoot my internet right now as it's gone down on my pc, it seems to have been down since this morning

My phone is connecting to the WiFi fine and is working through it (confirmed when I turned my phone data off completely and it still allowed me to use YouTube)

My pc is on a hardwired connection but I do have a WiFi antenna also plugged in for backup.

Pc is detecting my hub but is giving no internet connection, if I turn on the WiFi connection it doesn't connect to the net, but again my phone does which seems weird to me

I also can't connect to the settings page via, or the modem mode version

I've already done a reset of the hub - it's a hub 3.0 btw

About to try the reset again before I disappear out for a couple of hours for martial arts

Also already checked my local service status and everything's fine apparently

Any clever ideas anyone ?


Wise owl

If you run a cmd prompt and type ipconfig, are you presented with a valid 192.168.0.x IPv4 address?


If the Wi-Fi of the Hub is working focus on your PC.

With the PC try    Shutdown and sign out >>> Restart