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Parcel Status shows delivered but not received the parcel

Joining in

The Yodel status shows the parcel is delivered but I haven't received the parcel yet. What to do next? Can Virgin team bring me a parcel and do the installation asap?

I am not able to work without the internet. Please help!!

Already informed Yodel but no action taken from their end so far. Chat history given below:



Hi Ramit Pal,

Thank you for contacting Yodel. Please find the details of your webchat conversation below.

Amandeep  15:52:03: Good afternoon, Ramit. How are you doing today?

Ramit Pal 15:52:10: I am fine

Ramit Pal 15:52:14: How are you?

Amandeep  15:52:32: Glad to hear that. I am well too and thank you for asking.

Ramit Pal 15:53:16: The status shows the parcel is delivered but I haven't received the parcel yet

Amandeep  15:54:01: I understand that the updated tracking shows the parcel has been delivered however, you have not received your parcel. Let me quickly check your parcel details and assist you further.

Amandeep  15:54:23: Thanks for your patience. I have gone through the parcel details and found your parcel has been delivered on 08 Jun at 15:40. I can also see that the SAT NAV places the driver's location a bit far from your property. However, it might be possible due to a network issue. Could you please confirm whether you have checked with your neighbours and other safe places as well?

Ramit Pal 15:55:00: Yes, I have checked that already

Amandeep  15:55:35: Kindly accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to not receiving your parcel and thank you for making me aware that you have already checked everywhere.

Amandeep  15:55:43: To get it sorted, I will initiate an investigation for you whereby the depot will conduct a formal interview with the driver to confirm where this was delivered to. We will be able to provide feedback within 24 working hours. Please confirm whether this is the correct email address where we can keep you updated [REMOVED]?

Ramit Pal 15:56:11: sure

Amandeep  15:56:55: Thank you for your confirmation. Please be assured that I have asked the team at our delivery service centre to speak to the driver for some more details. Once we have some details from the driver we'll update you. Kindly allow up to 24 working hours for this feedback to be available and we will update you via email.

Ramit Pal 15:57:16: Ok, Thank you

Amandeep  15:57:35: You're welcome. Is there anything else I may assist you with?

Ramit Pal 15:57:49: No, that's all, Thank you




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Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @ramitpal, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the delivery not being completed to your property.

Are you possibly able to advise me if you've been able to discuss this further with Yodel?

Kindest regards,