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Packet Loss with Hub 5 since 21/05/23

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Been having issues with connectivity when streaming and online gaming since 21/05/23.

Tried the usual troubleshooting methods however VM call center found no issues on their end on 01/06 and suggested a pin-hole reset. Issue was unresolved after the factory reset and as a last ditch effort I attached a 3db attenuator provided to us by VM 5+ years ago for a similar problem. Connection was stable and working again so I can confidently say it's a power issue with the hub. Satisfied that things were back to normal and reluctant to be shot down over the phone again, I left the attenuator on and hoped the patch would last. Unfortunately on 16/06 the problems returned and seem to coincide with an engineer helping us connect our home telephone's to the Hub 5. My attenuator hotfix isn't saving me and I've read that VM are more helpful on the forums than over the phone so here I am.

Below is a snapshot from my BQM via and a screenshot from a test using . Also below are the logs from the hub settings page which are with the attenuator removed and AFTER another pin-hole reset performed today (17/06) on the hub. If there's anything additional I should attach please let me know. Hoping for a resolution asap, it's depressing to have to solve the issue yourself and for the call center to refuse help just because their diagnostic doesn't detect a problem that's clearly there.




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With the number of 'Post RS Errors', and taking into consideration there are less 'Pre RS Errors' on a lot of channels, I'd suggest you have a bad HUB.

packet loss says upstream not a downstream problem 

So you are suggesting the RS Errors are not an issue?

If they are a issue wouldn't the packet loss test show download loss? its unclear if the hub sees RS Errors for other reasons. 


Tuning in

I'm exact same my issues been since 5th may 2023 now 7 weeks with total loss of land line and wifi call centre doing nothing no compensate or anything when I know I'm due it took to come here to finally get help well slowly getting help this all started when I upgraded to gig1 fibre broadband and git thos hub 5

Liam Docherty