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Over six months- still not connected

Joining in

We have been trying to get connected for what seems like forever.

Apparently something needs to be done in the street even though our next door neighbours have virgin. We have no date and have called time and time again, with promises that some thing will get sorted but nothing ever happens. To be honest we are ready to change provider and if we make another phone call or WhatsApp conversation it will be to cancel.

Any help (and credit for the inconvenience) before we swap to another provider would be appreciated 





How have you been keeping track of 'progress' and when was the last time you called for information?

Six months is a long time, even by VM's sometimes-lengthy timescales.

It is not unknown on here for VM to simply cancel a long-delayed installation part way through but simply not tell the waiting customer about it.

Any compensation due

stops up to the point when you cancel the installation. Extracting such compensation from VM may be a battle, and ultimately requiring the involvement of CISAS (the arbitration service to VM).

Alessandro Volta

And just to add a few thoughts if you do cancel:

I beg to differ with goslow - six months is the blink of an eye for VM.  Longest known delay was thirteen months, and I know of another instance of exactly twelve months to the day. 

On the plus side, you're already owed a grand - experience says VM will quibble, will squeal, will deny liability - but for a grand I'd certainly make sure they paid up, involving CISAS as needed.