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Outside fibre installation

Joining in


Im a new customer to Virgin, and wondering why I did it 😡

Had a ‘engineer’ come along unannounced and install the cable to my bungalow and fasten it to the lowest part of my plastic fascia board.

Is this correct ? Surely it should be as high as possible near the apex, and fastened to the brickwork. It’s nearly catching my neighbours mobile home next door ( he’s complained to me )

Ive contacted three times and each time they’ve failed to show. Is this what being a Virgin customer is like, sorry to moan.



Posting some photos of the problem cable will help the VM forum team staff on here to assess and advise when they get here in a day or two.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @1kingy, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the frustration that has been caused on this matter.

As advised by @goslow, and images that are made available to us, would be most helpful in ensuring this is resolved for you, with the help of the local area field managers.

Kindest regards,



Thanks for the advice re photographs. 

But to be honest the matter has now been resolved after six phone calls to the call center in South Africa, and a lengthy chat via the virgin website,  in which they promised to sort the issue and guaranteed that a engineer would arrive, ( but he never did )

The only way  progress was made was when the engineer turned up, he looked at the cable position and couldnt believe where it had been sited, ( see my initial post ) he contacted his manager who in turn liased with his counterpart in installations and it was altered the next morning !

Fascia board is damaged but at least I'm back in the good books with my neighbour.