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Outside cable to back of house needs attention


Our TV service was installed by NTL 20+ years ago. The engineer draped the extension lead to our tv box at the back of the house over our roof , rather than tacked around the house on the gutter soffit boarding. This is now flapping loose off the roof and down the side of the house.

Who is responsible for fitting and maintaining this lead properly and safely? I suspect now extension leads cannot be just thrown over the house and left. Either way, I do need to have this outdoor wiring secured. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

You can report this, but expect a long wait to get it resolved. Since your cables were installed the Health & Safety rules have been tightened up. VM techs now only carry ladders that access up to 1st floor height, nor are they heights trained or insured. The number of teams that do heights safety work now are few & far between, & VM no longer installs any cabling above 1st floor height.

Go through the usual fault reporting route or wait here for the Forum Team to respond.

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