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Outside Cable and Wifi Pods

Joining in


I have two issues which I need some assistance with:

- I had an engineer come round in April to move the omnibox as we had done some construction work and the wall had been replaced. The box was replaced but now we have a dangling cable on the outside of the building. The engineer stated that some other team would be responsible for burying or replacing the cable (unsure which option would be required) but I have no idea what the process to getting this done is, he implied he would arrange this.

- Second issue is I need to order some wifi pods but cannot find an option of how to do this on the app. I just scanned 4 rooms in my house and have recorded speeds of 20, 12, 8, 19 etc but the app just saves the results. Is there another way to order these? We are consistently experiencing slow speeds and intermittent failures on our wifi.

Thanks in advance.


On our wavelength

If you have WifiMax you can order them through there, otherwise you'll have to get on chat or call them. Be prepared though, even if the person says otherwise you can only order 1 at a time, then wait a week to order the next and so on.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Nugoboom,

Thanks for your post. I'm so sorry to hear that your omni box was left with a cable dangling out of it, this does seem rather odd.

I'll be able to get this sorted for you and some WiFi Pods ordered - I've popped you over a private message so we can get started.

Thanks 😊