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Oomph to Volt - Mislead about upgrade

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Morning all

Heres the situation, any advice would be great.


2019 I signed up for the Ultimate Oomph package - inc. 600 Mb broadband

2022 - Jan,  I converted Ultimate Oomph to Ultimate Volt, I was advised that, as per the advertising, that I would receive an upgrade to the next speed up ( subject to max availability in my area ).

Jan / Feb switch to Volt goes live, I contact VM to ask when the upgrade would be going on my account.

** Please note that at this time I knew I was getting fairly good broadband, but wasnt aware of the precise speed. I did know it wasnt the 1 gig speed however. 

Told by VM in Mar that the upgrade was already on my account and I was at the max speed. It went from 500 to 600Mb. So although there was 1 gig in my area, i had already received a step up.

Called back in May to confirm if there wasnt a 1 gig  upgrade available to me as lots of forum posts and everyone seems to be getting 1 gig  who was on Oomph - again told that there was no upgrade due.

Called In May and June to ask if I had to pay for Netflix as adverts say Ultimate Volt gets free Standard Netflix.  Was told no I have to pay for it. I can have the 4 TV one for £22 however.

Spend 2 days checking old bills and reading T&C's online. it turns out I was always on M600 broadband since 2019. And have never been on 500Mb or received an upgrade.

Call back to ask why i was told i had upgrade when i hadnt, noone knows answer and a 1 gig  upgrade is booked. 5 days and I call back to be told its been cancelled but noone can see why and noone bothered to call and tell me.

Its now rebooked for Saturday - my question - am i the only one fairly outraged that ive been mislead since Jan about my Broadband speed and that I havent had the upgrade. Im paying for the full Ultimate Volt but only been getting 600 where 1 gig  is available.

And it turns out ive been paying £5 a month for Netflix when in fact it does come free!





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Ultimate Volt has always been advertised as 1 gig . Due to a shortage of the Hub4's needed to get that speed it seems Virgin have been making various excuses and not supplying the product as advertised!. The £5 you are paying for Netflix may be to upgrade from standard to UHD ?

Ultimate Volt, 2 x TV360 boxes

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Forum Team

Hi @rogereast2009


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


Sorry to hear about this and my apologies for the inconvenience. I'm glad to hear this is all booked in now, please keep me updated with how the upgrade goes.





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No its standard.we phoned up twice and were told we couldn't get netflix so paid for it through virgin. Its the 1 device package. 



Was you able to get all resolved when you last spoke with the team?