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Online price pre contract not adhered

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I have been had contacted the pre order team as I had a offer where I got a cheaper deal online. Everything was emailed across and was on the phone for more than an hour. They through and attitude in the end saying that you can go and do it online and we cannot do anything and when asked to speak with a manager they said the manager cannot do anything for you as well and I had to make it clear I would be posting it on social media. The agent then changed his tone and started saying that there is no manager available to which I requested a callback for and no callback till now. After submitting everything why is the price that I got online not honoured and why do you’ll try to brush the customer away? If it was available online and I have the emails for the same why is this not applied. Are you’ll trying to fleece a customer given the fact that there was a better deal available?

this is not justified and has been by far the worst experience from customer services to the pre sales order team.



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Forgive me but if the offer was online, there should be link that will let you complete the order online. The online offers maybe a special deal not available to the telephone sales team.

IMO there are better deals on price comparison websites and they normally include a £75 or £100 Amazon gift card. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Mydias2105 

Thanks for posting and welcome to both the team and the community.

Sorry to hear of the offer dispute. It sounds like from what you've said and the system offer, that there's a new offer available and you're wanting to take that. If the Pre-Install team cannot change you to this bundle before install, then your only option would be to cancel the original order and re-do a new one online.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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