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Offered Dongle due to delayed install, but Dongle hasn't arrived?

On our wavelength

I recently went through the process of switching broadband to my new address and my install date was set for tomorrow (July 19th)

Last week the Kelly Group engineers came to do the pre-pull to the T outside my property, discovered they couldn't, and bumped my install date to September 5th (!)

I got a call from Virgin last Thursday (July 14th) offering me a free Wifi dongle in the mean time to keep me covered for internet during this delay and I was told over the phone that the dongle would arrive on Friday July 15th. He asked and made sure I stayed home as I'd need to sign for the delivery, so I booked the day off work (unpaid).

Well, of course, the dongle did not arrive on Friday and there has been no communication from Virgin about when it might actually arrive. I got an email today with a bill (with nothing to pay) relating to the dongle, but that's it.

Can someone help me figure out when this dongle will actually arrive?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi studiosamurai, thanks for posting about this issue and sorry to hear about the confusion with our dongle and it's delivery, we apologise for this lack of confirmation.

In  order to help further with this I will send you a pm now.
Please check the top-right corner of our forum and you should see a purple envelope. Click this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

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On our wavelength

Just an update for those who might be interested, 5 weeks later the dongle has still not arrived and there is no sign of it.

That being said, Adri from the VM team has genuinely been very helpful and attentive sending messages via DM on here which I do genuinely appreciate, so thanks Adri.

Just a shame that the dongle doesn't seem to have materialised.



@studiosamurai wrote:


Just a shame that the dongle doesn't seem to have materialised.


And the thing to bear in mind is that it never will. There is a disturbing tendency for the offshore customer services staff to promise the Earth, simply to get the annoying valued customer off the phone so they can chalk up another ‘successfully closed call’; dealing with the consequences of their lies promises is someone else’s problem but they get their ‘bonus’ for closing calls so everyone’s happy, no?  Well except for you, but you are just the customer, so who cares about you?

It is increasingly obvious that the forum team here, who at least do seem to try their best to help, are also running up against the brick wall of a customer services provision with all the competence of Laurel and Hardy, and a senior management who simply doesn’t care, ‘but are we still getting our bonuses, yes, well trebles all round then!’

Cynic? Me? Absolutely not😀

Hi @studiosamurai thanks for your post here in the Community - I'm personally sorry this still hasn't been received yet.

As you've mentioned, I can see you're communicating with a colleague so as soon as there are any updates on this then Adri will be in touch directly.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Many thanks


Knows their stuff

Well it's been a month so far - the time during which the dongle was needed