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Of course, virgin broadband doesn’t work, and customer service shameful


Hello any Virgin employee

Im writing this on here, as although your sales rep was almost instantaneous in answering my call, your customer service can only be described as non existent in lieu of shockingly bad and certainly the worst, even after the legendary Indian call centres of TalkTalk.

I purchased a packaged, your rep explained a kit would be delivered next day and it would be a case of ‘plug and play’ into existing wiring. The kit arrived, credit exclusively to Yodel, but regrettably not surprisingly, your service failed to work for me; just an illusion flashing green light every try. The kit included no real instructions, only a card to scan, along with the website link, but no use given I am in a mobile broadband black zone. It would make more sense to have written instructions on the card opposed to making fancy graphics, classic Virgin and Richard Branson’s renowned form over function philosophy.

Anyway, I tried everything, but nothing worked. I visited your website, which was so hideously unresponsive, yet I persevered and your website took me in a somewhat (clearly sarcasm) frustrating loop. Clicks took such a long time to load and your ridiculously heavy website was so unresponsive I could feel myself ageing in the time it took to respond on the latest iPhone with strong 4G signal, after travelling miles to seek said signal, as you cannot provide upon your promises.

Finally! I got to the end of the ‘I need help, I’m in the wrong sounding page by design’ and after completing the insultingly basic instructions that were on par with asking me if I have remembered to breathe in and out today, and I could select an engineer (I’ll use this term lightly) appointment! However at this stage your page looped, of course it did and despite further attempts I was met with similar failures.

I then drove many, many more miles to a friends house, with a brilliance know as a working internet connection, needless to say not Virgin Media, and proceeded to use his connection to visit your site in comfort. Your site then demanded I login, to which I needed to create an account! Of course more issues soon became clear. Apparently my email was taken, I only used it before to attempt to order the delight that is Virgin Broadband at another address previously, but this order was cancelled due to unsuitability, despite guarantees, but that’s a story for another day. I tried to create account in a different email, so you can send me important information online that I won’t get as I’m not a drug dealer with two emails and phone numbers.

I made and used another email however but the website kept crashing and looping, classic Virgin magic, need I say more? Because I could not sign up, I could not run any checks, obviously, this is such a good design feature, compliments to the Virgin team! Xx

I then decided to telephone your support line, given nothing else would work, it tried to be clever, but failed, I think a pattern with Virgin is emerging here?! It told me my broadband was working fine in a warming electronic voice, before explaining if I had any issues, I would need to phone another number! Hope at least! Don’t be silly, the number I phoned was the exact same system and that system told me to phone another system which was that system! Clever, right?!

Now I find myself here, wasting my life. Therefore I please ask that you kindly and generously address all these issues, immediately so. Please don’t lie, please be honest and please deliver on your promises.

Or please just be open and honest and allow me to cancel, with one sentence, and not have to jump through at least 20cm and provide my inside leg measurement and weight in grains of salt. I have the right to cancel within 14 days and something tells me if I don’t utilise this right, I will very much regret it considering how everything has been so far.

I throughly look forward to hearing from you.


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Of course, virgin broadband doesn’t work, and customer service shameful

Just cancel within 14 days with no costs if it isn't meeting your expectations. You should have had cancellation instructions in the welcome pack - did you not? If not, see below.

This is a community help forum where we can try and identify what is causing the issues you are having and help resolve them - but you will need to give more specific details of the issues you are having and only then if you want to stay

As this forum is not a 'hotline" into VM - they will respond to posts on here but it can take several days


1. Call 150 from a VM phone or by dialling 0345 454 1111 options 1,1,4,4, from any phone - they are still picking up (in the UK too) - calling at 08.00 is the best time to get through with short wait times.

2. In writing to....
Virgin Media Sales Operation Support,
Diamond Plaza,
Daleside Road,
Nottinghamshire, NG2 3GG.

Include dates, name address and all account details.
Do it by registered mail with a receipt for signature on arrival.

3. Or if a new customer in the 14 day period - completing the cancellation form you have been given as part of your welcome pack and returning this to us at the address specified on the form..

Whatever you do DO NOT cancel your direct debit until the final bill has been settled


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired 2 WiFi,) SH2 in modem mode with Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's. On VIVID200, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Of course, virgin broadband doesn’t work, and customer service shameful

Hi @seuk280,


Welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for posting. 


I am sorry you've not had the best experience with us. This is certainly not the level of service we aim to provide and I would love to help get things sorted for you.


So just to clarify, are you having issues activating your equipment? 

Forum Team

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