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Number Of Outages In My Area

On our wavelength

Over the last month or my broadband connection has been lost on numerous occasions.

It will go down one day. When it returns an email will be received saying all is well only for it to be lost the following day, and the cycle is repeated. What is going on?

I had to go all around the houses to do it but I logged a complaint a few weeks ago. The agent I spoke to said someone would call me within 72 hours. I am still waiting for any response whatsoever.

It's as if complaints are not taken seriously. There needs to be a direct point of contact for complaints and they need to be actioned.

I await a response. I have a complaint reference if needed. 







Local service problems are reported on the automated number 0800 561 0061, if this number does not report an issue and you have an outage, call Customer Support and log the fault.

Do not be taken in by Customer Support call back promises, this is just a ploy the get you to hang and your support call will instantly closed as no further action needed.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Morning @IanS, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and I'm sorry to hear of the issues experienced with the local area outages of late.

I've been able to look into the local area and cannot currently see any issues currently appearing,

Can you please confirm how the services are currently performing for you?

Do you possibly have a Broadband Quality Monitor set up on the connection?

Kindest regards,


On our wavelength

Thank you for the replies.

If you read my post my issue is primarily about the lack of response to my complaint regarding the number of outages over a short period of time, and in particular how something can be 'fixed' for under 24 hours. Presumably, you would have data to confirm the number of outages?

Obviously, I couldn't type this message if my system was currently down. I don't need to a quality monitor to know if something is working or not. When it is working I don't have a problem. 




We understand the frustration, messages and posts can be posted using alternate connections such as mobile data if required Ian. Our complaints code of practice can be found here outlining how you can raise your concerns with us. If you have already been provided with a reference you can check it online here.