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Not supported in this country?

On our wavelength

Evening folks - I hope that someone may have an answer to the following.

I've recently had a Hub4 replaced because it wouldn't give off any kind of internet signal - no matter if it was via WiFi or Ethernet - it just wouldn't play ball. Prior to these issues, there wasn't any problem apart from the occasional drop off, but would reconnect with (South Yorkshire, specifically) without any need to go anywhere else. Yet, *any* kind of video states that it cannot be viewed, stating "The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location". I seem to get the same issue in respect of as well, where videos turn around there and state "out of country blocked because client is neither in home country nor in content portability region". BUT I HAVEN'T LEFT ENGLAND!

I'm quite baffled by this as I don't use, nor have any use, for a VPN at all (even though I know how they work). I'm using a Windows 11 laptop, i5 Intel chip, 8gb RAM, integrated graphics, nothing special - and have checked the same problem via Microsoft Edge and Chrome, which both return the same errors as aforementioned.

I must also note that after clearing cookies on Edge a couple of days ago, I've also been forced to re-register my Virgin TV GO by the respective app on the same laptop - where it tried to register it FOUR TIMES, and has blocked me from viewing any channel on there until at least the 1st of April - that's quite frustrating, to say the least.

Could anyone offer any insight as to why this has happened? I've not done anything "untoward" as such over the last few days apart from general browsing on this laptop, and since the replacement of the Hub4 happened a few days ago, I've never experienced anything like this.




Hi Alex;

Answer provided initially:

The devices that I'm using - an ASUS laptop (as aforementioned in the very first post) and also a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G - are compatible.

As I have also mentioned a few times in this thread, the issue had righted itself for a few days, then it came back to the same problem in not being able to view video content.

I have also provided screenshots of these problems as well.

I have provided so much information about my situation, that I really do feel that things are either a) not being listened to, b) not being understood correctly, c) being ignored, d) not even being looked at to see if something can be done, and e) really beginning to grind my gears.

It has already been mentioned that when I use my O2 sim as a mobile hotspot, there is no problem in accessing these sites in *any* vein. But, when using my home connection - whether it would be via ethernet or WiFi, modem mode or router mode - it simply. does. not. work.

You have had traceroute information. You have had ping information. You even have had system and hardware information, and yet it hasn't been looked at properly. Therefore, as a matter of principle, I now ask that this particular issue is looked at in a further vein by either a) someone with competence in looking at this issue, or b) someone of a higher level of seniority.

This is a situation that I'm getting really tiresome over, and I really shouldn't be, as it's been reported to you over a month ago and it's not being looked at seriously!

Hi @Kornukopian 

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Thank you John; I've responded to your DM.

@Kornukopian, sorry if it’s already been mentioned but I’ve skim read like the Forum Team, there was an article on thinkbroadband recently about people not being able to access BBC,eBay etc. because the public IP allocated to them wasn’t registered as UK in the database used by the content provider due to where the ISP had obtained them from. Worth checking if the IP allocated to you is globally accepted as being in the kingdom of Sheffield.

Alessandro Volta

Just another case of you get a WAN IP and someone didn't update the database.

No real fix unless you contact the site....which they likely do could ask for a new hub to get a new WAN IP...but VM might not do that...

So your other options are use a VPN or use hub in modem mode and own router