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Not getting speeds expected

Joining in


Just moved from Sky and my expectations were not high but the price was too good to pass on.

However the experience is even poorer than feared.  Firstly the second box had to be hard wired so we now have a cable running all the way around the outside of the house. Installer did the best she could to hide. Why on earth is it not wireless, the Sky Q box has been wireless for years!

The my Virgin Media app never works, so can’t check the service status.

The HD picture is not as good as Sky Q, tried all the picture settings but some movies and sports look more like SD.

I am getting nowhere near the 1160mbps speeds promised.  The highest so far is 425 on my MacBook, but my phone only got up to 50 and my works laptop got up to 225 when connected to the Ethernet. Son complains that his Xbox X has been lagging even with the Wi-Fi extender outside his room. 

Was expecting to be blown away by the speed having been on Sky’s 100-140 fibre but so far it’s been a disappointment. 



Up to speed

do yourself a favor, buy one of these:


put the virgin router into modem mode (


and connect the asus routers wan port to it. all superhubs are generally rubbish for wifi and general router functions, its better to use them in modem mode only. You can try the router for 30 days and return for full refund if your not happy....

if you have the hub4 the maximum you will get is 950Mbps download due to network overhead and the 1Gbps LAN port. If you have the newer hub5 you would need something like this to get the maximum 1150Mbps speed: