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Not all bad

Tuning in

I see a lot of negativity towards the Prepull situation with Virgin and their contractors, however I have had quite a good experience and thought in the interest of fairness I would show that not all new installations don’t go to plan.

Original contractors started fitting the cable ducts in my street and surrounding areas the beginning of July this year. By the 30th September I was able to order Virgin and booked in for 28th October, although I could have had it as early as the 21st October but this didn’t suit. Today 26th October the Prepull team have arrived and set up the cabling from the street to my house, ready for the engineer to arrive on Saturday to do the final connection!

After having to put up with poor copper wire broadband for the past 5 years in this house, we can’t wait to have 1Gig to play with in 48hrs time!


Alessandro Volta

If you are connected via new ducts in the street, one would certainly hope there would not be a problem in that scenario.

A frequent cause of delays, in the topics described on here, is when the cable is being pulled through ducts which were laid 30+ years ago. These are often blocked with debris or are full with existing cables making it a more difficult task.

Hopefully everything else completes on time for you and you can make full use of your new 1 Gbps connection ASAP!

The cable in the street are in new ducts that were laid by Svella in May this year but my installation is delayed from 20/10 to 8/11 because of external work, they apparently have to do a hard dig to get the cable to my house from the tee as some concrete needs cutting but the only concrete is the path around the bungalow, we’ll see

There is a lump of concrete at the start of my garden where the T is situated, I told them I was fine with them pinning the cable to the wall as I’m planning on putting a small flower bed there and they done that for me

On our wavelength

Another positive feedback from me! Was a bit hesitant to order as they do seem to get some bad feedback.

VM arrived in our location in July, pulled in fibre and installed street cabinets, received an email start of October saying I could order. Booked online for 21st October, a week before the prepull guys turned up and used the existing Openreach duct to my property. It's easier when the ducts exist, the estate is about 20 years old. Another guy turned up three days before install and carried out a test on the fibre. Bang on time the engineer arrived after phoning ten mins in advance, ran the fiber where I needed it (not just bashed through the lounge wall)! plugged in and all going within a couple mins of hook up. XGS-PON so a 5X router, which seems OK, don't really use it has its just connected to my existing network through it 10Gbs ethernet socket. A trouble free process so far!