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No signal, No broadband


I have been a customer for many many years, I was on the 350mb Xl bundle and decided to upgrade to the 1gig fibre broadband last week.

Despite being given 3 wrong prices and being reassured that the quick start installation was reliable as I was very sceptical it would work,  I ended up 24 hours without internet.

(during this time I was given so much bad information from India, saying its my phone settings all the way up to my computer is broken 😡)

after getting no broadband
I decided to revert back to the 350mb contract package and was told it would only take an hour for the signal to be changed back.
(and of course, after 15 hours later and after many phone calls its still not working)

Is there anyone here that can fix this problem once and for all? 
Thanks in advance 

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Re: No signal, No broadband

hard to know whats actually happened - when you change the hub you need to activate the new one - some come self activating but its always best to do it manually - so did you do that with the new hub and if so did it actually connect - when you do that it de activates the old hub

if you put the old one back on and it worked then the replacement had not been activated

so with that in mind what actually happened

they can reactivate the old hub to the old package but if its not happened for 15 hours something has gone wrong

so try both hubs and see if either connect if one does post the config page to show what package you are actually on

log into hub3 - [or if in modem mode] - DON'T SIGN IN, click - click router status [centre of screen] - and post the config page


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