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No show for installation

Had an engineer come out on 18/12/2020 which was my installation date, engineer stated that a wire had been cut so they couldn't install. Was told someone would come to repair it within the week, nobody came. I had to call up to organise someone to come and was told they would be here on 06/01/2021, they never came. I now have an installation booked for the 12th and nobody has come to fix the issue that prevented installation in the first place. I also work from home and have had to shell out £90 to get a mobile router on a monthly contract, I will have to pay a further £37 next month if I still don't have virgin installed. I've been on hold for 2 separate occasions for an hour only to be disconnected, on hold right now at 40 mins for the third time calling. This is very frustrating and I need a resolution 

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