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No lights on hub 3

Joining in

I’m trying to set up a Hub 3 but when I plug it in and turn it on, there is no indication that it’s got power at all. No lights show up or anything. Is this how it’s meant to be or is there an issue with the power pack I was sent? I’ve tried plugging it into multiple different plugs that I know work and still nothing. 


Fibre optic

There is a small power switch on the back of the hub, is it on?

It is on. 

Hello gs4


Thanks for posting in regards to your Hub 3 and the problems experienced, we appreciate you raising this via the forum and welcome to the community.


With the Hub 3, once plugged in, turned on at both the wall socket and the power switch on the back there should be a light present on the from of the Hub. This is located near the bottom of the front and is usually white to indicate all is okay. There is more help here (although this is a link to the Virgin Media IE site all of the information regarding the equipment is the same).


Have you been able to resolve this since your post? Please let us know.