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No internet for days - appalling customer service

I am a broadband/phone/TV customer based in AL5 and at time of writing I have had no internet for over three days (since the morning of 02/09) - there is a solid green light at the bottom of the superhub (which every so often flashes for a minute or two). The phone is also not working as this requires an internet connection (wouldn't be much good in an emergency); TV still works for viewing although not for catch-up/apps. 

After initially telling me the fault would be resolved the same day, the customer services team have subsequently informed me that this is a "complex" local issue that will not be resolved until 08/09 - which will mean I have had no internet for almost a week. 

This follows a similar outage in June when I was without internet for more than three days; on that occasion it simply came back suddenly on a Saturday afternoon and there was never any explanation for why such an extended outage had occurred.

This time, customer services have again been unable to tell me the nature of the fault and why it should take so long to resolve, instead referring me to the service status web page (which tells me everything is OK), or an 0800 number which supposedly provides more localised information on area faults but in fact provides even less information than the call centre can itself. I was promised a call back from a manager which of course never came. Moreover, the call quality to the Indian call centre is often so bad that it is difficult to hear what is being said. 

I have been a Virgin customer for eight years and until this year have had no significant outages or cause to complain. However, as someone who is now working from home five days a week and will be doing so for the foreseeable future, it is not practical to have an internet service that cannot be relied upon, so I will now have no choice but to look for an alternative provider, as much as I like the speed of Virgin's internet (when it works) and the TV service.

I accept that things will occasionally go wrong but it is the sheer lack of information/accountability which I find most extraordinary, and the inability to offer more assistance (e.g. what about providing customers with a 4G dongle or similar solution during an extended outage?).

Can anyone on here offer any advice/assistance?

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Re: No internet for days - appalling customer service

Hi THLondon77,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you're having.


Times advised for an area fault are estimates meaning these can change. 


We always work to resolve issues as soon as possible. We apologies for any inconvenience with this. 



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