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No contact from courier

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Hi Virgin, 

My hub was supposed to be delivered today (24/09/22) (dd/mm/yy) I have had no contact from yodel at all, this includes tracking number and two hour delivery slot information. I’m getting stressed now as virgin didn’t send me the right equipment a few days ago; and now my hub hasn’t shown up (uni starts Monday). 
My order reference is : [Removed]     My account number is : [Removed]


[MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post.]


Joining in

Update, I have rang virgin media to which they have told me they never posted anything In the first place and that I will not be getting a new hub, the customer service team is a joke all I wanted was for them to send me a hub. Yet again, while  on the phone I kept getting passed round from department to department; with each saying only the next department would be able to resolve my issue. 
I am disgusted! 

Hey @poppymayell08,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post your issue on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having trying to get this looked into, this is far from the service that we should be providing, have the team advised why you haven't and wont be sent a new hub?

Are you a new customer or upgrading your existing hub?