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No construction team

Tuning in

I am a  new customer and requested new cable installation including outside external work to be completed..

The outside construction team have missed 5 appointments to complete the external work. When a internal engineer turned up he cannot complete the work because the external work has not been completed..

This is beyond a joke I have been waiting since October all I get it is I am sorry this has happened to you or I get cut off when I try to explain what is going on..

I get passed from one person to another who cannot help ..I then get transferred to pre installation team who tell me not to worry the construction team are on the way so I wait in for them and yes you guessed it they never show up.

I feel like I have been constantly lied too and misled by people who do know know what they are doing ..

I am told they can't contact the construction team because they are a 3rd party company..

Why are they using them  or even paying them when they never completed the work that is required of them 

I have never experienced such a dreadful service in my life I am at my wit's end I don't know what to do ..I have submitted a formal complaint but even this has Fallon deaf ears ...what is one to do when a contracted company do not get their act together and complete the requirements for their services 

Shocking behaviour from this company especially as I am a new customer..  



Yes they have thank you 

Tuning in

Hi Dashedchris, I'm just wondering how things have been for you since your last update on here? did you manage to get sorted? 

Joining in

I'm having THIS exact problem now. Exactly like yours, not turned up to ANY appointments. 3 weeks in still not had a prepull done. I work from home and it's unacceptable. 

Will not advise this company to anybody, if I don't have my full broadband up and running by 1 week today, I am leaving to join another company