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No coax wall socket

  • Hi, I have recently moved into a rented house and I have ordered a Hub 3 Virgin WiFi set up kit. However upon closer inspection I have noticed that the Coax wall socket is an empty hole in the wall with no wiring behind it to connect to.

I don't think my landlord will be willing to pay for an electrician to install a coax cable wall socket. Is this not a legal requirement?

There is an ethernet cable wall socket and I wonder whether I can connect to the WiFi via that. Alternatively, are there adapters for coax cables that fit into a 3-prong UK plug?

Currently, the Hub 3 is flashing green and the Wifi network says internet available when I try to connect on my phone.

Any help is much appreciated




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Re: No coax wall socket

You will need to contact Virginmedia and ask for a manned installation. The technician will provide any required parts.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: No coax wall socket

non of that looks useful looks like a BT socket and an old aerial socket - if they have suggested quick strt there has been a VM install in the past but they have no idea if it works but

not all installs have an internal box

start outside and look for the external wall box - 6" square ish usually on wall facing road or pavement - brown or grey usually - follow any cables that come from it and go inside - if there are non look inside opposite external box as they may just have drilled through wall - as said it may just be a cable rather than an internal wall box

if you find a cable you need one of these to attach the cable that came with the quick start kit


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: No coax wall socket

Hi olismitho,


Welcome to our community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that you've not got all the necessary cable to install our equipment.


As our valued member @jpeg1 has advised you will need a coaxial cable to have our services. @-tony- has given some great advice about searching for the connection from outside first.


If you are unable to find any cable, we will need to book you in for a manual installation.


Just so I can get this arranged, I will pop you over a private message to take some details from you. Please click on the purple envelope to accept the chat. 


Kind regards Jodi. 

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