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No VM in my house ONLY.

Good Afternoon ladies and gentleman.

I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of questions, but I'm quite desperate and don't know what to do.

For a nearly 10 years I have been with VM, but recently I have moved to the new adress and in THIS PARTICULAR HOUSE is no access to VM. There is VM on my street, but not in my semi-detached house. I am living in house number 19, here is no VM, but for example house number 18 has it.

I have registered on VM website, but I have feeling they are not gonna bother cause of one house. Also I tried to ring them, but they were super short and sounded like "no,no, can't, f**k off, bye". I mean all they have to do is get the cable to my house, it is not very hard, also I can pay for it if needed.

Any ideas what to do in this situation? I really need VM, cause it is the only proper internet provider in my area.

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Re: No VM in my house ONLY.

Hi there

Please send me a private message with your full address and i'll take a look for you



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