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No RF signal

Tuning in

So we got our quickstart kit yesterday, installed it correctly. I waited the 30 minutes before trying to connect, went to connect my mobile and oh 'no Internet connection'. 

My router just has a flashing green light non stop, and WiFi light is solid green. I've logged into router settings and this is where im seeing no RF signal detected. 

I've called 150 4 times this morning, all they tell me to do is reset and wait 10 minutes hahaha. She ended our call after saying that, just straight up ended it no goodbye. I called again and was 'redirected' to another department where they said the issue was on their end and that they haven't actived my services. Was told to wait 30-50 minutes for it to connect. 

Obviously this didn't rectify my issue, so I called back and was told they'd call me back in 2 minutes. Think my name is now black-listed or something. This is absolutely absurd, fuming is a mfkng understatement. 


On our wavelength

Yeah I had the same, they treat customers like **bleep**.  Eventually found another number to call to activate the router.  How does this company even exist?


Alessandro Volta

this place is not a direct [read quick] line to VM - staff are here and may reply with an apology or phone number but thats usually after a couple of days as they sit on their hands waiting for other replies to try and give help

so if you want quicker you need to ring again and get through to what VM consider CS - you have had the level of how f=good that is

so assuming they have actually activated the line and thats by no means certain - try this 0800 953 9500 - then it looks like a cable fault - there is no guarantee with quickstart so you need a tech

so try the activation number and if that does non sort it ring - but when you do turn the hub off so if by any chance they try to test it they will not be able to see it and just book a tech

from ther see what happens - not a good start and you have seen first hand the quality - or lack of quality of the service when things go wrong - nothing to do with me but you should think if what you are signing up for is what you want - you have 14 days to think about that before it costs yo a lot to leave in contract


Sacked VIP

Which number did you ring, do you know how to check if my line has actually been activated or not?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A constant green flashing base light signifies no downstream signal locked, so it will require tech intervention.

Best time to try calling is 8am sharp Tuesday morning when the UK call centres come online. Any calls between now & then will go offshore they always do on BH weekends.

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Managed to get a tech booked in, let's see what happens now. 

Hi @Idcwhar 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had and hope the technician appointment goes well.

If you have any further problems beyond that, please don't hesitate to contact us.