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No Installation - cable repulled but not marked as completed

Been going around in circles for weeks with customer services who are frankly driving me mad. 

We had a installation booked for the 9th of Jan (which was cancelled on the 8th with no explanation). Later found out it was because a cable needed to be laid from the road to house, even though we had already given them permission to do so before the 9th, just no one ever turned up to do it. 

Fast forward a few days, cable was installed on the 13th; they dug up the front of the property (without notice - so it was bit of a surprise to look out the window and see our garden being dug up!). 

Tried to phone CS to get the installation booked, but have been told that the job hasn't been marked as completed by the engineers/construction team that did the install. It got the point where customer services are telling me that the box I'm looking at thats been installed in the front of my house doesnt exist. 

So in short - how do I get an engineer to basically come and verify that I don't have hallucinations and the box that is actually is there, is.. well... there?! 

I've wasted so many hours of my life on the phone to CS that I think if I can't get any sense in a few days that I need to cancel. 


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