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No Good place for this... Upgrade to Hub 4 from Hub 3 - return/recycle

Tuning in


I've recently accepted and received the Hub 4 as a free upgrade as my hub 3 is considered old...

Given that I haven't received any letters or flatpack boxes, am I to assume that I just need to recycle the hub 3 myself ?


Any Ideas ?



The Hub 3 belongs to VM and they will expect it to be returned.

Either it will be collected or VM will ask for it to be posted back.

Folks have been billed for the failure to return retired Hubs

Yea, that's what I figured, I did however eventually find a sheet saying 'Please recycle you old kit'  so based on that and the fact that there was no returns label of any kind, I'm assuming its to be recycled...


I'm a moderator/staff could pick this up and follow up, that would be great.

I'm a moderator/staff could pick this up and follow up, that would be great.

*If, not I'm.

Hello Mathius,

Thanks for your post. 

Regarding the Hub3 and returning it back to us.

We did used to charge for a non returned hub3, but from the 1st of March, we just ask the customer to recycle this in an environmentally friendly way.

Hope that answers your question.


Thank you for the reply, I'll keep on to it for about a month in the off chance that it is needed for some reason, but yea I'll recycle it properly.

On our wavelength

Im in the same boat here and was wondering how or when to return my old Hub 3.

I'll do the same and hold onto it incase.

Hi @Redinade,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

You can see what equipment we'd like to have returned and how to go about returning it or recycling it here.


Zach - Forum Team
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Alessandro Volta

@Gareth_L   @Zach_R

Why is Virginmedia not complying with the WEEE Regulations? 

Distributor obligations

All distributors must:

  • offer free take back on WEEE
  • accept WEEE for free from customers supplied with like-for-like products, regardless of whether this is done in store, online or by mail order
  • retain a record of all WEEE taken back for at least four years
  • provide customers access to written information on the service provided and what they should do with their WEEE
- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Hello, my old Hub 5 has just been replaced with a Hub 5 which I self installed. The leaflet inside the box said to go to to find out what to do with the old Hub 3. I went to the site, whilst it explains what to do with Hub 4 and 5, there no specific instruction that I could see what to do with the Hub 3. All the other various links asked to click onto for latest info don’t work. Not very helpful I'm afraid. Can anyone give definitive advice please? I don't want to be charged for not sending back the old Hub. Thank you.