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New installation though new driveway

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I’m getting a new permeable concrete and resin bound surface driveway fitted next week. I’ve just noticed that Virgin are starting to install cabling in our street. I’d rather they didn’t have to dig up an expensive brand new drive to get to the house as with it being resin bound it will be very obvious. 

my question is can I install a duct now to avoid this. If so is there any criteria I need to follow

min depth, min dia, specific type. Should I put in a draw pit at the road end of the drive?


I’ve tried ringing Virgin but didn’t get much of a response. 


Alessandro Volta

You can get some ideas on how VM install from the 'New Build Handbook' page 12

you might need to modify/adapt to suit your own circumstances and site and what is practical to achieve with the materials available to you.

Fit a draw rope in the duct before it is buried and make sure each end, and the rope, is accessible for future use

Has VM fitted the plastic access plates in the pavement next to your home yet?

Ideally you want your duct to end somewhere near one of those.

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No they haven’t so I’m unsure how I would coordinate this . 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

A duct would be a very good idea. This may be of some use:

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Highly unlikely you will be able to coordinate it in any kind of meaningful way.

This is because VM sub-contracts its cable installation and infrastructure work and there is little communication along the way with VM and its contractors regarding individual customers.

There have been past topics on here where a new customer in-waiting has tried to get a specific cable route installed to their home (even to the point of getting someone from VM out to survey and agree the route) only to find when the cabling contractors turned up (often unannounced) they had no records of any agreement with VM and just crashed on and fitted the cable in the easiest way for them.

If the whole of the frontage of you house is going to be a hard surface then an underground duct is your only option.

If your home is joined to a neighbour (such as semi-detached) then VM's access plate in the pavement often appears on the boundary point between the two front gardens (so two houses share one access plate).

In that arrangement the cable can often be clipped to a wall or fence, if one is present, from pavement to home.

In some new installations (where telephone poles are available) VM has been using telephone poles to supply new services.

If VM has already started installing in your area, you could have a look around some streets where they have installed already to get an idea of how they are working and what is involved.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM street installs do not come up to the property. A TOBI pull point is established along your boundary with the street ducting. When the street plan is finalised you are likely to see a whole load of green paint on the pavement. A green tick will signify where your point will go. It may be shared with a neighbour if they are terraced properties, & may have to avoid other underground services in the vicinity. In the end, what you will end up with is this on your boundary:

Tobi boxTobi box

They will only install to the house if you place an order for services.

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