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New install: What diameter coaxial cable?

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I am awaiting a cable pre-pull and activation of a connection in Area 21 in Barnet, London.

What spec coaxial cable, and specifically what diameter, can I expect them to run into the property?

We have an existing cable entry conduit and I want to prepare the junction box with a suitably sized cable gland.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

The size they pull to the property will vary depending on distance from the cabonet. 

From the box on the outside of the property to the equipment will be  RG59/RG6 (6 or 7mm.)


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At what point are the cables switched, i.e. which cable actually goes through the brick wall?

We have an enclosure like this. Behind it is a 40mm diameter hole through the wall of the bay window:

I was hoping that the installers could avoid using one of their junction boxes and just go straight into our enclosure and then the wall, via cable gland.

How do you think the installers would approach the connections between the cabinet and 'final run' internal coax in this situation?

Hi garry_mac85,

Thank you for coming back to us.

I'm afraid that we would need to install our own wall cover called an omnibox during the installation of your services. If you do have any further question regarding this, I'd recommend to ask the engineer when they arrive.

Hope your installation goes well. 

Kind regards 🙂


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

"Generally" the installers will go from the pavement box to the nearest point on the house external wall to mount the brown omnibox.  From this box they will pin cable all round the house until they get to where is Hub is to be located and drill through the wall to the inside.

If you want a custom cable run, you will need to be there on the day and ask the technician to accommodate your preferred route.

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There tendss to be two phases to an install, the externals who will run a cable from the roadside tap point to the house and perform the bare minimum to achive this, Leaving cable exposed in hedges, mimimal bury under lawn turf where aeration will cut it etc.

Then the second where the installer will route from ominibox to internal points. You will be this guys best friend if you have have draw wires, conduits etc. in place that will enable them to work neatly to route to your desired points. Nodody wants drilling through external walls with spalled brickwork plaster and decoration damage etc. So make it easy for them if such access already exists.

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hi I just saw this.


If I was to provide my own hole through the wall what diameter does it need to be?  I suppose I am asking what's the diameter of the cable, 6 or 7mm?  I need to put a conduit in to ensure the house remains airtight. (its a Passivhaus)



Hi timshep, 

Thanks for taking the time to post in our Community 🤩

I can see Alex has already replied on the thread above that the cable will be either 6mm or 7mm. We wouldn't be able to advise further on this as it depends on the install itself. 

The engineer can talk through things with you at the time and will of course insure the hole created will be air and water tight. 

If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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