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New hub installation


I had a VM engineer visiting yesterday to set up my hub 3.0 as I just got a contract with you. He set it up, said it’s having issues connecting and downloading update, said to try to use it in the evening and it should work and left. 

It was ‘downloading update’ for 4h, with bottom light solid white and two green arrows flashing then after rebooting, same thing for an hour or two and today morning the only light is yellowish at the bottom, no internet. 

What should I do, do I need another engineer to visit? I would really love to have my new internet up and running 

thanks alot


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: New hub installation

Have a look >> HERE <<

All new installs / replacement electronic equipment need to be activated.

You can try the Activation number -  0800 953 9500 

Best time to phone is 08:00


You can wait on here for one of the VM Staff to pick up the thread but this may take a few days.


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