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New hub 5 but no power supply

Tuning in

I have just received a new hub 5 as I need to change my phone connections. However there is no power supply and my old hub power connector is too big.

I rang 150 and was told that the switchover date for my phone is not until November so I will be sent a power supply 2-3 weeks before then.

Seems a bit stupid to send me only the hub now. Not sure the advisor knew what he was talking about

Anyone else have this issue?




Community elder

The power supply should have been supplied at the same time as the HUB.

The advisor was incorrect.

Tuning in

Rang 150 this morning and an engineer is now delivering the power supply for the hub in 2 days time. Apparently if they send it in the post it means my internet wont work as my old hub gets deactivated when they send the power supply!

Hi @SuperOxford, thank you for your posts.

Just to confirm, have you now received the power supply?


Yeah. The engineer brought the power supply this morning and the new hub has been activated and is working fine.



Great stuff, glad to hear it 😊 Thanks for the update.

Please let us know if you need anything further, we're always happy to help.



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