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New home few old connection not able to figure out

Tuning in

Hi. Moved into a new home which had virgin from previous occupant.

Got the WiFi today and the issue is.. The virgin point is in the upper floor bedroom. While there is nothing on the ground floor. 

I see one thick wire in the lounge and the old virgin box had different kind of connector cable.

 Not sure what the setup was.. Any help would be appreciated as I want the virgin box on ground floor for faster 5ghz connection. 

Attaching the photo of all the cables.  The female connector on the ground floor.. 



The preioud cable to old hub3 was like this 



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

First photo is of standard TV coax connections. The second photo is certainly VM cable and an attenuator, cannot say where it plugs in.

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Alessandro Volta

The wall box in photo 1 looks like a very old connection point for one of the old cable TV companies.

If you can remove the central scew (if it is not a security screw) inside the box is probably an isolator like this

Your wall box is upside down with the two connectors facing upwards.

You should try the connection point on the LHS of your photo nearest the corner of the room (which would be the TV/data socket of the attenuator)

Your second pic shows an attenuator to reduce the signal level.

You could try a connection using the cable from photo 2.

Screw the attenuator onto the connector on the back of the hub and screw the other end of the cable to the LHS TV/data socket of the wall box.

Depending on what sort of signal you get to the hub, and whether you get a connection or not, you may need to remove the attenuator.

cool, so attached the same way and looks like the old router is getting the update. 

few more questions if this works:

1. if the new and old router can work separately ?

2. If not - can i create a mesh like same id/pwd by using old and new routers ? 


Alessandro Volta

Not sure what you are referring to regarding 'old' and 'new' router.

You can only have one hub registered/activated against your VM account so you can only use the hub that is registered to your own account at your new address.

If you have another (old?) hub available for some reason, that won't interact with another VM hub to form a mesh network.

There are probably some past topics on here describing how to set up an old hub as a wireless access point but the wireless capabilities of VM hubs are not that great in general so doing that might be some effort for not much reward.

If you want a mesh system to use with your VM connection, then you would probably do best to buy your own mesh setup, put the hub into modem mode and go that route.

You can get advice about that in the ‘Networking and Wifi’ forum

hi ,

 yes the old hub and new hub i meant. 

So we can setup old hub as wireless access point. which looks like i will go on the route of as major items are on ground floor . 

I will chck on the networking forum for the modem mode.. as i read somewhere that the speed is curtailed in that mode. 


Alessandro Volta

Have you actually managed to get a single hub connected and working?

Why do you have two VM hubs (which you are referring to as an old and new hub)?

Not yet, but will switch over and check. 

The old hub was left by the previous occupants. 

Alessandro Volta

You need to be running your own hub, not the one from the previous occupants. If the previous hub is not already deactivated, it soon will be.

VM will expect the old hub to be returned by the previous occupant so you can't reuse it yourself.

Oh I mean they new one is up and running but on the top floor. I am looking to move that to ground floor.