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New driveway - cable management

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I'm hoping for some advice on external cable management for some work being carried out on my property.

I am due to have my driveway dug up and relaid, including a new sub base, so going to be digging quite deep.. The current virgin cable is a couple of inches deep in the middle of the current driveway.

My question is, can I disconnect this from the external brown box on the wall of my house in order for the digger to do its thing and then reconnect as necessary? Or will I need to be completely disconnected and then reconnected once the work is complete? 

I'm hoping to keep the virgin outage to a minimum while during the work.

Many thanks for any suggestions. 



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You'll be lucky if a digger doesnt take it out, its worth considering putting in some in ducting for your cable so that it will be easy to replace in the future eg when VirginMedia eventually switch to fibre without disturbing your new drive.

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if they take care they could probably remove it without damage, but yeah definitely install some ducting of some sort, and removal should be as simple as undoing the connections, just elastic band a bag around the end to stop any dirt in itor even damage

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jogibear87, thanks for the message, 

The cabling is not electrical and can be disconnected from the brown omni box, It would be good, like the community have advised to put ducting down as this would make things easier if the cable is damaged in the future. 


Thanks all for the info. Much appreciated