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Ok , signed up full package , received a message your equipment is on its way and you will be sent a code for collect plus this is on a Friday for collecting Saturday,no message with code rang Virgin , long wait finally got a code drive to store , nothing there came home .

rang Virgin long wait , spoke to a woman who said she was going to do a quick start order , promised same day or early morning next day , baring in mind I have two people that need internet to work from home , nothing on the day or day after .

rang Virgin another long wait to speak to a man who ended putting me on hold without telling me for half a hour for it to come back on with a woman’s voice asking me my name etc as from the start or new call .

I asked for the previous persons name and was refused I asked her name and it was ZEL , I told her to look at the information on her screen  and tell me a solution, she said the equipment is with yodel and that’s all she knows , I asked to speak to a team leader , supervisor or manager  she replied because it was Monday there were no one there and disconnected the call .

I live in a area where the only internet of any speed is Virgin otherwise as probably every other person would have done is tell them to shove it where the sun does not shine but here I am in the blackness of nothingness with no answers 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi J33mys, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums.

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the installation. 

Can you confirm if you now have the tracking number and please do let us know when this arrives. 

Please let us know if you need any further assistance. 


No tracking number yet 

Good Afternoon @J33mys, thanks for coming back to us.

I understand that you have been able to speak to our team since your most recent post on our Community Forums.

Can you please confirm any updates you may have for the thread?

Kindest regards,


You have no idea , 7 days since I thought getting the Virgin media full package was a good idea .

from not receiving the equipment to Virgin having to completely cancel the contract and start a new one , because as the advisor mentioned something that should’ve so simple has been made unbelievably complicated,now after 7 days of nothing I have now been told I have to wait until the 06/12/22 , that will be 10 days to maybe and that’s a very big maybe I might get connected 

Hello J33mys.

Thanks for replying.

Sorry to hear about the ongoing issues.

Can I please ask how everything is today as you mentioned waiting until the 6th?