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New customer - router delivery

Joining in

Just curious to know if anyone else has received a dirty old router as a new customer to Virgin Broadband Service. 

Have expressed my concern around whether or not this is data free and secure given the state of it. My thinking is if they didn't bother cleaning it perhaps they also didn't bother wiping it. I work from home with confidential data and somehow plugging this in doesn't feel right. 

I've been told that's all I'm getting and while I raise complaint and refuse to plug it in I still have to pay.

Ironicly the marketing sent refers to this router as 'shine new kit' 🤣. See pictures attached. 

Loyal VM customer starting to wonder why I bothered.








This isn’t actually uncommon, the ‘shiny new kit’, statement on the website is a bit pointless, legally speaking anyway, as that doesn’t really mean anything, ‘new’, well manufactured in the past four years, is that new?

OK seriously, VM have form here for sending out old, supposedly refurbished kit to customers, and, I suppose fair enough if there is a global equipment shortage (and, believe me, there really is), however the ‘refurbishment’ can sometime consist of wiping down with a slightly damp cloth, and sometime they don’t go to even that high standard! So plug the hub in and immediately factory reset it (press the reset button in with a bent paper clip for 60 seconds and allow the hub to restart itself.) Then it is effectively ‘as new’ (well as far as the software running on it is), and you can set it up for yourself accordingly.

Thanks for the reassurance. I have since spoken to someone at customer services who was far more helpful. It seems that VM are willing to replace the manky router for me. Much more like the service I would expect. 

Hopefully this time it will be to a better srandard and this one can be cleaned up before it is rehomed. 😊