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New customer queries

Joining in

Hello I’m looking to take out the M500 broadband and weekend chatter telephone package for £38 per month. Before I go ahead and place the order I had a few queries.

A member of my household is on o2, can I get the speed upgraded to 1gigabit? How do I go about doing this?

My current broadband and telephone provider is Plusnet. Can I port my number from Plusnet to Virgin easily? Is there anything I have to do or do Virgin manage that?



Fibre optic

the person who has an 02 contract would have to go on the 02 app and volt and the would get double data and the vm speed will double within 14 days.  The 02 contract must have to be registered at the same address of the 02.  Be aware at the moment there is a shortage of hubs so it may take a while for the broadband to double for a temp solution they may up it to 600.  The mod may confirm this or the agent on the phone

Fibre optic

For the number port the plusnet telephone line must be active and you have to get the agent to port the number for your old supplier usually takes 14 days. Vm may give you a temp number until it’s changed.  

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @mahalkong


Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


We are so happy to hear you are considering joining us and a big thank you to our community members for their help so far. 


Have they been able to answer all your questions? 


If you would like to discuss the package further with us, please do call the sales team on 0800 183 1234.


Thank you.