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New customer offers ignored by virginmedia

Joining in

I recently tried to sign up for an offer via my bluelight card on the 4th May 2023. I filled in all my details on the website and booked i stall date 19/May/2023. I received a text after signing up to review pre-contract docs. I did not feel i had to follow link because i had read everything on website as i was signing up. I expected a confirmation at some point, but assumed all was setup. However, i looked at text again after the 11 May when the offer expired and it just said offer expired!  Ow i still dont know if there will be an engineer on my doorstep this morning to lay cable or connect?

The offer was extremely good ie. M250 broadband and tv for £23.95 for 18months then £51 after that?

Anyone else had trouble trying to take up special offers with this company??

I used to be a customer about 12 years ago at a different address and found the service a little wanting! Also, I had great difficulty when trying to leave when out of contract!

maybe I will try another supplier!!


Alessandro Volta

if you found it a little wanting 12 years ago then they have had 12 years to make it worse [not better] and they have managed that in spades - when it works its fine but they have put all their energy in developing the worlds worst CS experience - you have just seen the start of that

your thought of trying someone else may be the best decision you can make


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @RebelSparky,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a little bit of trouble taking out a deal with us from the Blue Light Card website. That would be an exclusive deal/discount offered via them, so if the deal failed beforehand then you'd need reapply for it again via that website if it's still available.

After taking out a deal, you'll be sent a document to consent that you're happy with the offer being made to you. From what you've described it sounds like that's what was received, but without receiving said consent back from you we'd be unable to proceed with providing you with that deal. The deal is then subsequently cancelled, which it appears is what happened here from what you've described.

If you're still interested in that offer, please refer back to it on the Blue Light Card website and follow the order as you did before.


Zach - Forum Team
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