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New customer - Flashing red internet hub

Joining in

Good evening.


I hope you are all well and I hope I can get some assistance.

Myself, partner and 1 year old have just moved out of our parents and into our first house today and we received our self install broadband and tv.

I have tried to follow the install video and the instructions in the booklet and I’m greeted to red flashing lights. 

I contacted support and they said I haven’t installed the equipment in a proper way. My only guess is the hub or wires are faulty?

My problem is that I have been informed an engineer can’t come for nearly week and as you can imagine without a tv and with a 1 year I’m going to struggle quite a lot specially with lots of unpacking and sorting to do. Not just that I’d be paying for a full week without it even working.

Does anyone have any advice on what I may be doing wrong or possible fixes?.



Community elder

Post a few pictures of how you've setup the HUB.

Hi Carl, hope you are well. Thank you for responding so quickly. I’ve set up the hub exactly how it is advised on the video on YouTube. 

Here are a few pictures for reference.


I have tried both holes on the wall socket




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Coreylewis25 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear that you've had some issue with your Quick Start self install in your new home. I can appreciate the frustration this can cause as the process is designed to be easy.  


Everything looks good with your set up as far as I can see. Unfortunately, there can sometime be issues that will require an engineer to attend to investigate further and work to complete the install and get you all up and running. I can assure you that the earliest available technician would've been booked for you when you called. 


I have checked the systems at our side and can see that this has all been arranged correctly for you. Please do keep us updated with how you get on with your appointment and should you have any further questions or concerns after you appointment, we'll be here to help on the community forums if needed. 


Here to help 🙂
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