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New contract after house move

I recently moved house and have been signed up to a new 18 month contract despite not changing anything. I was told before the move that this might happen and not to worry but has anyone else had this problem? I have been set up as a new customer and it says in black and white on the new contract that I am signed up for 18 months again. It's all very well being told before the move that the remainder would not change but actually signing people up to a new contract without peoples permission seems unethical and even seems to breach Virgin's own T&C's.

To top it all I have also been over charged for my 'first' bill as the discount to my 'new' contract has been miscalculated. I have tried phoning - the last occasion I was waiting 45 mins and got cut-off as soon as someone answered. I have tried the useless chat where you can "get on with your day" whilst nobody gets back to you. I'm actually on there now and nobody has even acknowledged my existence in 30 mins. Oh and I tried a formal complaint via the web form and have been waiting 12 days and counting without response.

All I want is to see in writing that my contract is 9 months and not 18 and to charge me the amount I was being charged before without billing me the full amount and trying to work some convoluted 'loyalty discount' incorrectly to try and balance things up. I have taken the £20 Virgin charge for the privilege of people moving in to account by the way. 

The complaint ref is below if anyone from Virgin actually looks at this. 40 mins on the chat now without response - go Virgin.

Customer account number: ***
Complaint reference: C-301120203


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