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New build without Virgin box

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Hi, there is a new build without Virgin box installed inside. Does it mean it will take a lot of time to have it first of all installed inside the house and then cable it with outside? How long would it take? Is it even do-able? 



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Hi @antz0303 ,

welcome to the community, it’s fantastic that you are considering joining us. Installation lead times vary from region to region, however, on average it is around a week for new properties. If you would like me to take a look at the specific property and give you a more accurate time. I am happy to do so. I will send you a private message for some more details and we can pick it up there.

thank you


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Alessandro Volta

If Virginmedia is actually available in your area, the builder should have arranged for a either a cable or a duct to carry a cable, when they built the house. The builder or agent should be able to tell you this.

In most cases Virginmedia will not be able to dig up roads or paths in a new development. 

Installations are done in two stages. The outside cable work is always done first, and that sometimes takes weeks or months. 


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