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New build connection

Hi all,

Hoping for some help from an expert. Our new build has VM available according to the developer.

On the front of our plot, we have a brown Virgin Media box with a coiled-up cable. The developer has said that we should be able to order Virgin - but we've been unable to so far. When we enter our address on the website, it shows houses on the street as available to order services, but not our actual house or that of our neighbours.

I spoke with a chap earlier who mentioned arranging for a spotter to come out in the future when our address registers and as I dwelled on it after, I wondered why that needed to happen. If the website shows our road can order services and I have this box which looks as though it just needs to be connected to the grey box installed by comex2000, what is missing? Is it that the developer just puts the infrastructure in & VM won't actually provide services (or they might at some random point in the future) and I should use an alternate or do I just need to sit back and wait for things to fall into line over the next few weeks as some houses can order?

Hoping someone can help as I'm a little confused as I'd quite like to order the ultimate oomph in all honesty haha!


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Re: New build connection

Hi there

Thank you for reaching out to us. I'd be happy to assist you with this.

I'll need to take the address from you so I will private message to take it.



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