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New build connection advice

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Hoping for some insider knowledge her- never had Virgin fibre/TV before.

Looks like I will need to install 250 Mb+ virgin broadband in my new house as BT network is only 40 Mb+ speed (busy household with multiple video/gaming streaming plus working from home - currently have 100Mb BT at old house which is slower than ideal). I hate visible wires so asking the builder to install ethernet point in the office, outbuilding and where the 2x TVs will be.

I assume the engineer will run the virgin cable from the street (my neighbours have it) to a router in the front of the house. Will they need to run their own cable from the street to the router? Will they need to run their own cable to the TV points if the router/virgin box is at the front of the house? Or can they plug into ethernet socket? I would prefer not to use wifi to have a more reliable connection.

Have tried to talk to a Virgin pre-stall engineer, but seems I have to sign up to do that and I'm not ready yet. Just want to bury as much cabe as possible while everything is dug up and being installed by my builder. Any advice welcome 🙂



Alessandro Volta

Very sensible to have Cat 6a ethernet cables run from every room to a central point where a router or switch is mounted.

Virginmedia will run their own cable from the road to a box on the outside of the wall, and a cable inside to where the Hub is fitted. It's best if you can be there at the time to ensure the locations are best for you rather than easiest for the installer.

Have a good read of this forum to understand the possible problems with a new installation.  Good luck! 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Alessandro Volta

Whether or not you can get VM might depend on a whole bunch of different factors.

An access cover in the pavement near to your home would be an indication of VM services nearby

VM would need to use one of these to service your new property or fit one for your property

Beyond that, other factors might include things like the distance your home is from VM's street equipment, the likely installation costs, access and wayleave issues etc. etc.

A simple VM obstacle, that might be your first hurdle, is if your new address appears on the VM address lists.

I think VM may be able to offer a site survey before ordering.

If so the VM forum team may be able to facilitate that when they reply here within a few days.