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New build - any chance?

Joining in

Hi folks. Am looking at a new build in a street with Virgin Media. Four houses built on a plot where there was previously just 1. The developers tell me that Virgin said no to pre-installing cables for the new houses because they prioritised other larger developments in the area.

Am I right to think I would probably never be able to get a connection here? The plot is set back from the road by about 10m with a shared driveway.

Seems bonkers if not, with the connection available to properties either side. The standard broadband in the area is not great, hence wondering if getting Virgin would be at all possible.


Alessandro Volta

Topics on here regarding installations to new builds often seem to be a case of 'effort vs. reward' from VM's point of view. A development of just 4 houses may likely not be enough to justify the installation costs for VM. VM also seems to avoid shared driveway scenarios due to wayleave and access issues based on past topics on here. Other issues might also be linked to capacity limitations of the existing network in the area.

Are the houses built now or under construction?

If VM has already given a 'no' to the developer, you might want to set you expectations to quite a low level as far as getting VM interested is concerned.

Joining in

Thanks for your response. The houses are under construction - although nearing completion within a few months. The developer did seem to try so I am assuming a resident wouldn't get as far as they did...