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New Installation Frustration

I originally had an appointment schedule to install a new connection to my property at the end of January. The engineer arrived as expected, but realised they couldn't do the work because the nearest cable in the footpath was 20m away from where they thought it was and they would need to extend the network before the installation could be completed. However, since there I have received nothing but deflection and repeated promises of visits to the property to complete the work which never happen. Most recently, I was given a date of this week but that came and went without sight of an engineer or any construction work.

I simply want a date of when this work will happen so I can make a decision on how to proceed (and, more importantly, that date to be honoured should I continue with the connection).

Is there help available on this forum who may be able to assist in getting me an actual date and avoid me needing to call the general enquiries and get nowhere again?

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