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New Hub5 with incorrect wifi password on set up

Joining in

New Hub5 connecting QR code claims to that the new box password is incorrect. I have manually input the new password, again the issue remains as a incorrect password.

I have spoken with technical twice, one saying the fix will take 2-5minutes, the other up to three hours!! What makes it worse neither have be correct or factual

box said to have now been update - now has either a white light, flashing white light or flashing blue.

customer service has been terrible from a “2 minute wait” claim whilst on hold, which was actually 17 minutes, then as per above two different outcomes. 

virgin please advise. 

any truthful advise welcomed from the community.


Alessandro Volta

customer service would be better if the default was modem mode and getting your own router at this point. 

but hey try a reset not a reboot



Connect your laptop to the Hub 5 with a network cable. 

Login to the Hub 5 menu at  

From the Hub 5 Wireless Settings set the Wi-Fi password of your choice.

Many thanks.

I’ve tried a restart - no joy 


A 60 second press of the reset button would be more useful !

Up to speed

The logic for doing the full factory reset, ie hold in the reset button for a full 60 seconds and let it reboot, is that your ‘new’ Hub5 may well not be, new that is, but a repurposed one from an ex-customer who may well have changed to password to something else, and VM haven’t bothered to properly reset it before passing it on.

Now it may well not be this, but certainly worth a go.