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New Hub 5

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I just installed a new Hub 5, 1Gb system sent by VM. It works rapid, but all the devices connected via the old hub 3 ID and password. The new passwords and  identifier seem superfluous, its all the old numbers that are required. Whats going on?


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Do you have pods, or Wi-Fi extenders?

No, nothing like that.  Could it be that the Virgin GO app has actioned the changes back to the old passwords? I had forgot i had that app!


Hi Andrewmci59, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you're having an issue with your hub details. Usually a new hub will have a new SSID and passphrase to connect to it. 

When searching in the list of network names to join, is your new hub details there? If so, try connecting to this and let us know what happens. 


Forum Team

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The hub 5.0 does have an SSID and password, but they were never offered  when connecting with devices. Just the old SSID , and the old password to connect to it. I can only assume that the VM Connect app, which has an option "Share your wi-fi password"for these details, and it has overwritten the new passwords with those selected (ie the previous hub), if that makes sense. How else would the new hub know these details? Either way, it works fine with the hub 3 password and name so i'm not bothered, but would like to know how this is possible!

That is a possibility as I've seen before a replacement hub has automatically been restored in alignment with the old hub settings as per the Connect App.

Could you try a factory reset?

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I don't really want to renew SSID, passwords etc as it works very well with the old numbers. I just wanted a technical explanation for it all.

If a new hub was sent out this means the other hub wasn't not working property / faulty.

I would suggest using the new hub. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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The reports of this situation are getting to be more and more common.

The only possible technical explanation is VM have started  pushing the old Hub's SSID + Password out to the replacement Hub 5.

If this is over the line as the replacement Hub installs or being sent from the customer's VM Connect app remains to be understood.

A pity VM do not have a similar process to re-pair VM Pods to the replacement Hub.