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New Customer.

Tuning in

Hello, I am thinking of joining VM from talktalk. I have two questions. 

1. Will they have to dig up my driveway/drill a hole to put any new cable in?

2. My contract ends of the 10th November, and the earliest an engineer can come is the 24th. Is there a way that I could call VM and schedule an earlier date?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @George993 ,

Welcome to the community and thank you for considering joining us!

As you are aware we will need to run a cable to your property, but this doesn't necessarily mean we need to big up your drive. Our installation teams will always look for ways that minimize the disruption to yourselves and property. they can be very creative. But of course, it's hard to say without seeing your home.  The team will definitely discuss the route before any work is done, i can assure you of this.

With regard to the install date, we can sometime accommodate earlier requests if we have cancelations, i am happy to look into this for you if you would like? I will send you a private message for some personal details and see what can be done.

Thank you again


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