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New Customer coming from Sky

Joining in


Yesterday I agreed to join Virgin Media from Sky. My current Sky contract expires on 1st Jan. The VM agent stated I didn't need to wait before joining VM as they would "buy out" my existing Sky contract. Can someone help explain how I ensure this happens? Is the onus on me to cancel with Sky and have Virgin credit me any termination fees?






Dialled in

Make sure Virgin are definitely ready to provide your service before you move.

I am 3 months on from my initial install date and still have no service. They have missed 4 appointments so far.  

They habitually lie to their customers and have the worst customer service known to man.

Can I ask why you are moving away from Sky? 

My recommendation would be to only move to Virgin if you have no other options.

Picking Virgin is asking for months of no internet, lies, lies and more lies.

Don't believe a word they tell you. They just tell you any old rubbish as they really don't care.

Spend a few minutes reading down the threads in this forum.