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New Client - Failed Install

Joining in

Im having the same problem please help! Was promised a Dongal to get us through a failed installation date (your side not ours) and nothing has arrived, same as the person on here, customer service says they will help and promise all sorts and then when it isn't delivered they see nothing they said would be done is even noted on the account and I have to start all over again. 

Seriously, sort this out please! 


Alessandro Volta

Your post has been split to a new topic.

A mobile dongle from VM is often promised but the promise doesn't often come through to delivery when described in past topics on here. Past information on here has advised they are sent out when a long delay is expected (8+ weeks). Those who have received a dongle have reported on here they were hard to get hold of and didn't work brilliantly well.

Depending on what kind of installation you opted for you would be eligible for some sort of compensation for the delays.

In the meantime you could/should probably do your own research into some sort of mobile connection to keep you going while you wait for VM (such as an unlimited data SIM on a rolling monthly contract, mobile hotspot, router with mobile SIM connectivity etc.)

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @PipJo 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have been facing a delay in your install and we are so sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

Can I ask if you have spoken directly to our pre installs team on 0800 052 1734 at all in regards to the dongle? 

Joining in

I've already cancelled my installation, (2 months ago) because of being messed around so much. I was promised a dongle that never materialised when I enquired about it they person said there was no record of it going to be sent on my account; got emails and texts saying there would be an install date and then got a message the next day saying it would be delayed by a day... and then a month. When I tried to cancel the whole thing I was sent a message saying you strongly advise me to carry on with the process, it wasn't until I stated I had the RIGHT to cancel that it was cancelled. 
I got back onto the forum when I randomly got an email a month later saying I'd complained again that we had a fault with our virgin broadband (that we don't have) and that it had been resolved by sending an engineer out to us and the problem was fixed... what a load of bollocks.